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K T Highland, Inc. carries the finest in custom and semi-custom cabinetry, giving you the options you need to realize the look of your dream home.

You can expect only the best supplies going into your remodel. Brands like Kountry Kraft, Prevo – Unlimited Custom, and Prevo – Advantage Custom Simplified offer beautiful wood, unique design, and quality workmanship. Learn more about each brand below.

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Top Brands

We work with some of the best designers and craftsmen located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country to give you truly unique and quality pieces.

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Kountry Kraft

Traditional Elegance

Kountry Kraft has been crafting high-quality custom cabinetry for over half a century. Known for our skilled craftsmanship and impeccable service, we credit our success to staying true to the four guiding principles on which our family-owned business was founded:

– Craft the highest quality custom cabinetry products with beautiful lasting finishes
– Deliver on schedule every time
– Offer a fair purchase price
– Be honest, genuine, and friendly

Our family-owned business crafts custom products, in the farmlands of Pennsylvania and Made in the USA.
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Unlimited Custom

A manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry. They have been delighting homeowners with beautiful, handcrafted cabinets for every room in the home. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, where woodworking expertise is handed down through generations. Prevo Craftsmen build cabinetry using traditional skills, pride in a job well done with today’s advanced woodworking technology.
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Advantage Custom Simplified

Advantage Custom Simplified series represents a unique approach to cabinetry. Custom cabinetry at a price that works to the homeowner’s advantage when compared to other cabinet lines that come with design limitations and made using low quality materials. Select from the same door styles and finish colors offered in the full custom Prevo line and be assured that the same care and attention to detail used to craft Prevo, Unlimited Custom cabinets are used to build Advantage. Be as creative as your budget allows.